Thermawave a game changer for at home skincare

Introducing the DMK Thermawave. A must have tool for your at home skincare routine.

This DMK thermawave is a multifunctional device, ThermaWave uses 8000 micro vibrations per minute to heat the tissue layers of skin. This causes an immediate contraction that is followed by a delayed tissue remodelling effect. This effect encourages enhancement and improvement in muscle definition, elasticity, collagen production, increases circulation and reduces puffiness.

Hot and cold therapy had been scientifically shown to improve lymphatic drainage which flushed out toxins, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, brings a rush of blood carrying nutrients to the skin, promotes growth and repair of the capillary beds and tightens pores. The ThermaWave uses sonic micro-vibrations to comprehensively clean out the entire pore.

Red light delivers 630 nm into the skin. Chromophores within our cellular mitochondria absorb red light photons and convert them into energy. Red light is used by cells to build new proteins, collagen and elastin and assist in cellular regeneration by reducing inflammation and increasing healing.

Blue light therapy reached 480 nm into the skin, improves skin texture and reduces sebaceous hyperplasia, or enlarged oil glands. It can help remove sun spots, acne and even acne scars. In some skin diseases like psoriasis, acne and keratosis, immune cells at the baseline layers of the skin contribute to worsening symptoms. Blue light is anti-inflammatory and decreases inflammatory cytokine (IL-1alpha) production and may reduce symptoms of psoriasis, especially erythema, atopic dermatitis and eczema.

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DMK ThermaWave