Sun Damage Treatment

Sun Damage Treatment

Restore pigmentation and skin health with Sun Damage Treatment in Cork

Sun Damage Treatment

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lead to sun damaged skin, which is why sun damage treatment in Cork is essential for repairing and rejuvenating skin and for treating various types of damage. Sun damaged skin treatment techniques include topical treatments, chemical exfoliation, peels and masques, laser and intense pulse-light (IPL) treatment, coolifting, microdermabrasion, and more.

The best sun spot treatment for face and other areas on the body will depend on your circumstances and needs, but a professional consultation with Beauty Regain can put you on a path to gradual improvement and restoration of vibrant and rejuvenated skin. One of the most successful treatments for pigmentation is cryotherapy, a treatment that our clients rave about.


Schedule a consultation

We offer clients a 30-minute one-on-one consultation for €50 to determine their specific needs, including an assessment of sun damage spots on the face or elsewhere on the body.

Tailored treatment plan

Following our consultation, our team will create a tailored treatment plan considering your skin condition(s) and skincare goals, including the best treatment for sun damaged skin.

Sun damage treatment & products

With the €50 from the initial consultation, purchase the most suitable sun damage treatment and products for your circumstances and restore the healthy appearance of your skin.

Follow-up treatment

Upon request our skincare clinic in Cork will follow up with you two weeks after our first consultation to answer your enquiries and to ensure that your treatment plan is showing positive improvement.

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Benefits of Sun Damage Treatment

Reduced Hyperpigmentation

Sun spot treatment can reduce the visibility of sun spots on the skin and restore a healthier, more uniform skin pigmentation free of spots or blemishes, including freckles or uneven tone.

Prevention of Skin Cancer

Treating precancerous areas of the skin such as spots with actinic keratosis can greatly reduce the development of skin cancers such as melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Improved Hydration & Elasticity

Dryness from sun exposure can be rectified with sun damage treatments that increase hydration and restore elasticity to the face by promoting better retention of hydration and collagen production.

This place is fantastic! Definitely a gem in Cork. As soon as you get inside, it smells amazing and they have this spa-like music playing, the whole ambience was so calming. I had a hydra-facial - and it was amazing! The therapy bed is heated, and the facial itself was so relaxing and rejuvenating. My skin is glowing now. I can’t recommend Beauty Regain highly enough!


Five Stars!! Where do I start, I had the pleasure of having a DMK Facial recently in Beauty Regain. Gillian was my therapist and all I can say is that it was one of the most enjoyable, if not slightly different, facials I have ever had. You need to experience this for your self. Highly recommended. Make your appointment now. Your skin will feel and look fantastic afterwards.


I’m always so excited to pop in to Mary. I can 100 percent trust her with my skin. I have been going to Beauty Regain since before my wedding over 14 years ago. So often you find people chopping and changing moisturizers, masks, serums and even beauticians looking for the perfect results when all you have to do is call in to Mary and be consistent with what she tells you to do. You will never regret it.


If you are looking for a clinic that offer results then look no further than Beauty Regain. I have just had a Hydro Facial with Liz. And I am super happy with the results. My pores are so clean and my skin hydrated and glowing. I have never got such results from one facial before. I am already booked in next month! Thanks so much for looking after me and I rest assured I will be sending all my friends into you guys.



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What is the best treatment for sun-damaged skin?

There are many types of sun damage treatment to cater to various skin conditions and needs, so the best treatment for sun-damaged skin will largely depend on your specific circumstances. Some of the most effective forms of sun damage treatment include microdermabrasion, topical creams, chemical peels and masques, and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment.
Since the types of treatment for sun damaged skin on the face, arms, lips, or elsewhere on the body can differ drastically, it is highly recommended to consult with a qualified and experienced skincare professional first.

How long does the treatment take?

Sun damage treatment techniques and methods vary in terms of duration. Some examples include:

  • Chemical peels and masques: anywhere from around 20 minutes to an hour or longer, depending on the depth of the peel;
  • IPL treatment: around 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the size of the treated area;
  • Creams and topical sun damage treatments: a few minutes of daily application over the course of several weeks or months may be required to see noticeable improvement to the skin’s health and appearance.

Does the treatment hurt?

Sun damage treatment methods may or may not cause mild pain or discomfort, depending on the technique applied and the pain tolerance of the individual client. For example:

  • Chemical peels and masques: may cause discomfort and a mild burning sensation in the treated area;
  • IPL treatment: may cause minor pain on the skin;
  • Microdermabrasion and exfoliation: may cause itchiness or redness to the skin, but generally nothing more than minor discomfort;
  • Topical creams and anaesthetics: generally ease any pain or discomfort that may be experienced during specific sun damage treatment procedures.

Can sun-damaged skin be repaired?

Most sun-damaged skin conditions can be reversed or repaired with the proper application of sun damage treatment whilst restoring the health and vibrant appearance of the skin, but not all sun damage can be fully treated. Severe sun damage leading to rough skin texture, severe hyperpigmentation, or deep wrinkles may be impossible to fully reverse, although many of the effects of these conditions may be mitigated with the use of appropriate sun damage treatments and products.

What does sun damage on skin look like?

Sun damage to the face or elsewhere on the body can appear differently. Some common examples of sun damage include:

  • Hyperpigmentation: appearance of sun spots, freckles, or a noticeably uneven tone;
  • Ageing: onset of wrinkles, fine lines, and/or reduced elasticity and firmness to the skin;
  • Harsh texture: dry, scaly, or leathery skin may manifest from prolonged UV exposure;
  • Actinic Keratosis: scaly patches of rough skin that may or may not precede cancerous growth;
  • Blood vessels: visible blood vessels may appear near the skin’s surface.

How to get rid of sun damage on face?

There are multiple ways of mitigating or treating sun damage to the face. Some examples include:

  • Topical creams and treatment products: products containing vitamin C and retinoids can nourish the skin whilst bleaching agents may improve overall tone and texture;
  • Sun damage treatment procedures: chemical peels and masques, IPL treatment, and other sun damage treatments may reduce minor to more severely sun damaged skin conditions;
  • Microdermabrasion and exfoliation: prompt and regular removal of the top layer of damaged skin can accelerate and promote the turnover and regrowth of healthier skin cells;
  • Active sun protection: always apply a broad-spectrum high-SPF sunscreen when outdoors, wear a hat or other form of sun protection such as a parasol at the beach, and avoid exposure to UV rays during peak sunlight hours to mitigate sun damage to the face.

What type of services does Beauty Regain provide?

In addition to sun damage treatment, Beauty Regain also provides many other skin treatments and high-quality products for our valued customers. We believe in gradual improvement catered to the specific needs of the client rather than one-size-fits-all quick fixes, which is why we encourage you to book a consultation with us at our skincare clinic in Cork.
We also provide anti-ageing treatmentskin rejuvenating treatmentDMK enzyme therapy RF skin tighteningelectrolysisHIFUDermalux LED treatmentCoolift and more.