• 34 Years on Grand Parade

    We recently have celebrated our 34 years here in Beauty Regain. Educating, empowering and treating your skin concerns in our treatment rooms in Grand Parade has been amazing.
  • Dull lifeless skin?

    Get your glow back!  Do you ever feel that your skin just doesn't feel as glowy as it could?  Let us help you get a more radiant complexion.  Thin...
  • Thermawave a game changer for at home skincare

    Our DMK ThermaWave uses 8000 micro vibrations per minute to heat the tissue layers of skin. This causes an immediate contraction that is followed by a delayed tissue remodelling effect. This effect encourages enhancement and improvement in muscle definition, elasticity, collagen production, increases circulation and reduces puffiness.
  • Beauty Regain awarded Guinot Crown Salon for 20th Year

    We started with the French skin brand Guinot in 2000 and have since attained Guinot Crown Status for nearly 20 year.
  • DMK Treatments

    Want to know more about our DMK treatments?
  • What is LED Light Therapy?

    What is it? How can it help my skin?