DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Restore natural balance to your skin with DMK Enzyme Therapy in Cork

DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment restores health and functionality to the skin by bringing harmonious balance directly to the skin cells. The core philosophy behind Danne Montague-King (DMK) enzyme skin treatment is that skin conditions are the result of a disharmony of the skin and that only through healthy skin cells can one achieve a healthy and vibrant skin.

Beauty Regain provides quality Enzyme Treatment in Cork using a holistic skincare approach and DMK enzyme facial products as well as using their four-step process to better and healthier skin.



Dead skin cells are removed, and the skin is fully and deeply cleansed and prepared with specialised DMK products. This process allows healthy skin cells to emerge and replace the dead cells.


Healthy skin is rebuilt by applying a masque that promotes blood circulation and skin oxygenation whilst encouraging lymphatic drainage. DMK facial masques, oils, serums, and cremes may also be used.


The revitalised skin is protected from ageing, UV exposure and other environmental factors by direct application of DMK therapy treatment products containing antioxidants and other healthy and rejuvenating anti-ageing nutrients.


Ongoing care and maintenance of your skin is essential, and you can buy DMK enzyme masques online at Beauty Regain and other DMK skincare products to maintain the youthful appearance of your skin

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Benefits of DMK Enzyme Therapy

Exfoliates Dead Skin

A core part of the DMK Enzyme Therapy process is to remove toxins and dead skin cells by encouraging lymphatic drainage. This detoxifies the skin and paves the way for healthy skin cells.

Revitalises Skin

By stimulating blood flow to the face, the skin is oxygenated, and healthy skin cells emerge which helps to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin. DMK Enzyme facials promote youthful skin.

Collagen Production

Keep a youthful and fresh appearance with DMK Enzyme therapy. The four-step process gives plasmatic skin which helps to boost blood flow to the face as well as generating collagen formation.

This place is fantastic! Definitely a gem in Cork. As soon as you get inside, it smells amazing and they have this spa-like music playing, the whole ambience was so calming. I had a hydra-facial - and it was amazing! The therapy bed is heated, and the facial itself was so relaxing and rejuvenating. My skin is glowing now. I can’t recommend Beauty Regain highly enough!


Five Stars!! Where do I start, I had the pleasure of having a DMK Facial recently in Beauty Regain. Gillian was my therapist and all I can say is that it was one of the most enjoyable, if not slightly different, facials I have ever had. You need to experience this for your self. Highly recommended. Make your appointment now. Your skin will feel and look fantastic afterwards.


I’m always so excited to pop in to Mary. I can 100 percent trust her with my skin. I have been going to Beauty Regain since before my wedding over 14 years ago. So often you find people chopping and changing moisturizers, masks, serums and even beauticians looking for the perfect results when all you have to do is call in to Mary and be consistent with what she tells you to do. You will never regret it.


If you are looking for a clinic that offer results then look no further than Beauty Regain. I have just had a Hydro Facial with Liz. And I am super happy with the results. My pores are so clean and my skin hydrated and glowing. I have never got such results from one facial before. I am already booked in next month! Thanks so much for looking after me and I rest assured I will be sending all my friends into you guys.



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What is enzyme therapy?

Enzyme therapy is a method of skin treatment that applies skin-nourishing enzymes to the skin to boost the natural health and functionality of the skin. DMK treatment is based on the belief that unwanted skin conditions stem from disharmony of the skin’s condition and to restore a healthy skin, the enzyme treatment must restore equilibrium.
The treatment restores the skin’s natural balance as well as improving health and functionality of the skin. Some DMK Enzyme therapy benefits include skin detoxification, oxygenation, exfoliation, and boosted collagen production which in turn leads to youthful, vibrant, and healthy skin.

How often should you get DMK enzyme therapy?

Depending on the skin condition of the client and their desired goals, DMK Enzyme therapy should be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly until the desired result is achieved. Severe skin conditions such as acne may require multiple sessions over the course of a few months, whereas less severe conditions may begin to show significant signs of improvement after only a few sessions.
Once the skin’s desired appearance and texture is achieved, follow-up maintenance treatment sessions are recommended at least once per month. Combine DMK Enzyme Treatment with other skincare products for optimal results.

How many DMK enzyme treatments do I need?

DMK Enzyme Therapy is suitable for treating many skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, skin pigmentation, and signs of ageing. Depending on the client’s specific skin condition and circumstances as well as their preferred skincare goals, the treatment requires multiple sessions to show the desired results.
For severe skin conditions such as acne, around 6-12 treatment sessions are required to achieve satisfactory results. For less severe conditions, only a few sessions may be required. Consult with a qualified skincare professional in Cork at Beauty Regain for a tailored treatment plan that meets your needs.

What are the side effects of DMK enzyme therapy?

Although DMK Enzyme therapy is generally safe, some clients experience noticeable redness or a flushed appearance immediately after the treatment session. This is typically the result of increased blood and oxygen supply to the face and normally subsides after a few hours. In rare cases, the client may experience heightened sensitivity or itching, especially after the first treatment session.

What type of services does Beauty Regain provide?

Beauty Regain is a professional skincare clinic in Cork offering DMK Enzyme Treatment and many other skincare solutions for our valued clients. Since improvement in skin health tends to be gradual and the best treatment and products for everyone will vary based on their circumstances, we believe in providing tailored skincare treatment plans and ongoing care to ensure our clients are seeing lasting results.
In addition to DMK Enzyme treatment, we also provide anti-ageing treatmentsun damage treatmentelectrolysisskin rejuvenating treatmentHIFU treatmentRF skin tighteningDermalux LED treatmentCoolift and more.