HIFU Treatment

HIFU Treatment

Tighten and rejuvenate facial skin with HIFU Treatment in Cork

HIFU Treatment

Get long-lasting healthy facial skin with HIFU Treatment in Cork. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment is a safe and non-invasive facial and body skin treatment technique that targets the dermis and superficial muscular layers to promote natural and abundant collagen production, leading to youthful and healthy skin.

HIFU Treatment targets the same layer of skin as surgical facelifts with the use of an ultrasound HIFU machine and without the need for any surgical intervention, making it an effective method of firming and contouring skin gradually and naturally.


HIFU Treatment consultation

Schedule a 30-minute in-depth skin consultation online or at our skin care clinic in Cork for €50, which can be put towards skincare treatment and products for your needs.

HIFU Treatment plan

Based on the consultation and your desired goals, our skincare professionals will create a tailored 6-month skin treatment plan including treatment services and products designed for your needs.

Receive treatment & products

Apply the €50 from the consultation towards HIFU facial treatment and products suitable for your skin type that promote healthy, rejuvenated skin. Shop online or at our clinic in Cork.

Aftercare service

Upon request, following the first consultation, our team will reach out to you within two weeks to answer any enquiries you may have regarding ongoing skincare or to schedule further HIFU sessions.


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Benefits of HIFU Treatment

Long-Lasting Improvement

The results of HIFU facial treatment can last for up to 1-2 years, significantly longer than many other facial treatment solutions. Maintenance sessions can prolong the effects of the treatment for longer.

Natural and Gradual Results

By targeting the deep dermal and muscular layers of the skin, HIFU treatment stimulates natural collagen production leading to natural and gradual improvement over time.

Short Procedure

Depending on the targeted area, HIFU treatment sessions can last anywhere from half an hour to an hour or longer. Multiple sessions are not always necessary.


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