34 Years on Grand Parade

34 Years on Grand Parade


Currently, we are all enjoying this lovely summer of outdoor freedom.  Along with the Olympic joys and Cork playing in the All Ireland final, we certainly are a great county!
We recently have celebrated our 34 years here in Beauty Regain. Educating, empowering and treating your skin concerns in our treatment rooms in Grand Parade has been amazing.
Thankfully Beauty Regain again has not been born out of the social media wave. It brings much more security and confidence to know that we were winning awards and changing lives before we ever heard of followers. Social media provides us with a great platform to advertise our work.
 However, social media has a huge influence on us all. We constantly reiterate that skin is an organ and skin health should be your number one goal. Social media consistently pushes back with filtered inanimate images of skin. Smoothing over its normal and healthy characteristics like pores, lines, texture and bombarding messages of instant resolution to skin problems that don't exist.
Healthy skin is looking in the mirror and loving what looks back at you. Pores, texture, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles are all symptoms of healthy skin. The very best you can do for your skin is to nourish it and protect it. Aim for skin that will age beautifully with the gift of time. Invest your budget and feeding your skin topically and if you have a surplus budget think of HIFU, Radio-frequency or Mesotherapy. Talk with us and let's plan together your bespoke skincare journey. 

Have you heard of or used a GuaSha stone? Guasha is an ancient Chinese therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage to improve your circulation. Rubbing the skin surface is thought to break up this energy, reduce inflammation and promote healing.  Our Guasha tool offers an amalgamation of 20+ minerals for their healing properties. It can be bought in the clinic or from our website here https://beautyregain.net/products/gua-sha-stone

We also have some  GuaSha demonstration videos that we can WhatsApp you to assist when you're using the tool at home. Just get in touch and we can send them to you.


Our injectable clinic runs regularly with our Dr. Bryan so if you would like advice on botox, profhilo, fillers or anything injectable related please do get in touch and we will make you a free consultation with him.  


It is onwards and upwards for skincare with us and we look forward to great skin and great virtues in autumn 2021. 

Kind regards, 

Mary and girls. 

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