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DMK Biogen C (In-Store Only)

DMK Biogen C (In-Store Only)

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(In-Store Only)

DMK’s ‘beauty in a flash’ crème Biogen C is great for people who want to look refreshed and youthful. Formulated using collagen-boosting ingredients that help to improve the skin's elasticity, it works to tone and tighten the skin. To help plump fine lines and smooth out wrinkles Biogen C binds water to skin cells and increases overall hydration. More than just a ‘pick me up’ for the skin, it can aid to reduce redness and soothe skin pre- and post-surgery. Biogen C can also be used to assist in the improvement of tissues oxygenation, to strengthen weakened capillaries and calm skin under environmental stress.

How to Apply:

After cleansing and using DMK serums, oils and spray, apply a pea-sized amount of Biogen C, spray with Herb & Mineral Mist and work into the skin.

Available Size:

Available in 50ml 

Therapist’s Tips:

Use in the battle against hay-fever and allergies to dust and pollen, Biogen C helps to desensitise the skin against these irritants.

Key Ingredients:

Krameria Triandra Root Extract
Vitamin E (Tocopheral)
Hexa Peptide

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