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Guinot Youth Perfect Finish Cream SPF50

Guinot Youth Perfect Finish Cream SPF50

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GUINOT YOUTH Perfect Finish SPF50 

- Immediately following application, the complexion appears radiant and more youthful
- When used daily, the cream restores youthfulness and firmness, evens skin tone and minimises dark spots
- The skin is protected from photoaging

ENCAPSULATED PIGMENTS: instantly illuminate the complexion.
The cream releases colour upon contact with the skin to perfectly match every skin tone.
VITAMIN C: smooths the skin and conceals imperfections due to pigmentation. Boosts the synthesis of elastic fibres.
MELANOXYL: minimises dark spots and helps prevent their appearance.
HIGH UV PROTECTION FILTERS SPF 50: help prevent the appearance of signs of ageing after UV exposure.

- Suitable for all skin types

To use: Apply in the morning to the entire face using light massage to ensure even skin tone.

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